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Green Tea with Lemon: the Perfect Combo for Weight Loss


Green Tea and Lemon | Skinny Time Tea  

Studies are showing that lemon juice may be able to intensify the effects of green tea when consumed together. Citrus juice made green tea more potent by letting the antioxidants found in the tea to linger in the system for longer, after simulated digestion. The findings show that just like best friends, green tea and lemon juice work wonderfully together.



Home Remedies for Bloating

Relieve Bloating Fast | Skinny Time Tea
Want to reduce bloat? Try our simple, quick and easy tips to get a lighter, flat tummy. If you are on a mission to get skinny beach ready and reduce bloat this summer, we've got you covered with our flat tummy tea!  


Teatox Diet Plan

Teatox Diet Plan | Skinny Time TeaTeatox Diet Plan-Knowing the best way to detox your body is important for optimal health. Our bodies are constantly overloaded with toxicity from our everyday lives and most people can't avoid day-day pollutants altogether. However, you can take steps to protect your health by following a teatox diet plan. Read on.


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