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Health Benefits of Green Tea

Health Benefits of Green Tea | Skinny Time Tea
What can Green Tea do for you?

If you haven’t already heard, drinking Green Tea-Australia is great for your health. But I bet what you may be wondering is what specifically does green tea do for you? Well, in terms of the benefits, green tea covers the whole spectrum of well-being that can help us from the inside out and everywhere in between! 

We have laid out the seven most interesting benefits for you here, so, relax, take another sip of your cup of warm green tea and read up on some of the reasons why you should include a few cups of 28 day green tea detox in your daily routine on a regular basis.

Helps with appetite suppression

Trying to diet but overcome with cravings?  Green tea has chemicals called catechins which have been proven to lower ghrelin levels. Ghrelin, otherwise known as the “hunger hormone,” is the culprit of those niggling hunger pangs which sabotage our diet. For many of us, environmental stressors and lifestyle can lead to hormonal imbalances which can set off hunger signals that do not have anything to do with a genuine need to eat. 

By normalising ghrelin levels, you can alleviate this issue and drinking green tea is one way to do that! Green tea may also help reduce body fat levels and illnesses associated with obesity, like diabetes for example. Try Skinny Time Tea, which is loaded with active green tea and is great for curbing appetite and supporting weight loss.

Great for healthy bones

Findings also show Green tea to be linked with promoting bone health. Women who drink up to around three cups of green tea on a regular basis, could slow down the risk of developing bone loss due to ageing and reduce fractures due to osteoporosis.

A factor to lower cholesterol

The American Society for Nutrition, that have published studies which show favourably that green tea could be a factor in lower cholesterol rates.

Supports Cardiovascular Health

Studies also show people who drink green tea on a regular basis, had a lower risk of having a stroke or heart attack as reported by the Harvard Medical School.

Help to maintain a healthy smile

Want to spend less time in the dentist office? Drinking green tea has been associated with a decreased risk of cavities and better dental health. Another study by Japanese researchers concluded that gum-tissue loss and teeth bleeding was less evident in people who drank green tea on a regular basis. The researchers report that the catechin in green help reduce symptoms of periodontal disease. Further, there is also a mix of research studies showing that green tea may improve bad breath. Great!

An official energy booster

Green tea contains much less caffeine than coffee, about a quarter of the amount. Given this, you can still enjoy a quick shot of energy without the caffeine overload and crashes that is sometimes felt after a few cups of jittery producing coffee. Instead of coffee, try Skinny Time Tea which is loaded with green tea, and provides abundant energy by increasing the body’s metabolism and clearing it of toxins that diminish vitality levels. All this is achieved without the use of dangerous or addictive substances! 

Final thoughts

In view of all the above, it’s easy to see why green tea is renowned for been the healthiest beverage on the planet! With such a huge amount of nutrients and health-promoting antioxidants, green tea could be the perfect natural solutions for whatever area of health and wellness you seek to improve in your life! Get yours NOW! 

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