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Start fresh in the New Year with Skinny Time Tea

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Especially after the holidays, you can feel bloated and tired with all the extra weight you’ve picked up from that amazing holiday food your family served up. It was delicious, you had a great time, but now you want to get that skinny tummy back. You can do that easily with the help of a skinny tea called Skinny Time Tea!

A skinny tea can help you get rid of bloat and lean out your naturally toned body while recovering from the holidays or any other time you want to look your best. And, you don’t have to worry about any toxic ingredients or unknown chemicals in our formula. Our tea contains green tea and Garcinia Cambogia, which promotes healthy weight loss, and it also works hard to increase your metabolism so your body converts your food into fuel quicker. The all natural and organic blend of tea, herbs and roots helps you boost your immune system and lift your energy. And, for you gluten free and vegan detoxers, we’ve got blends that’ll work right into your diets.

Feel like you always crave food throughout the day and night? Our 28 day detox tea can help with that, too. If you drink your skinny tea on a regular basis, you’ll find that you won’t feel as hungry (or hangry) as you might normally feel. Instead of hearing your stomach rumble and feeling the urge to reach for the chips, you’ll feel energized and cleansed as you sip your skinny tea and lose that bloat!

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So, why is a detox tea important for you to drink every once in a while?

You know that tired, sluggish feeling you get after a few days of eating whatever you want, and not exercising? How you feel like you’re moving in slow motion and you have no desire to go through your normal routine with the same energy you typically do? That’s because your system could use a good cleaning out.

Detoxes help with revitalizing your insides and ridding yourself of the junk food and destabilizing foods you’ve been putting into your stomach, and starting new. It’s like a cleanser for your gut – like when you do a deep face cleansing, and your face is scrubbed and shiny. Instead, your gut is cleansed and fresh from a detox of the toxins and junk that you’ve loaded into it. A detox tea can help you detox your body for that fresh start!

If you’ve got a date this weekend, or a big event that you really want to lean out for a week or so ahead of time, that’s the perfect time to get on the skinny tea schedule and prepare your body to get rid of all its toxins. After a few days on the skinny tea routine, you’ll notice a significant lift in energy, a curbed appetite that lets you relax and not worry about overeating, and a fast metabolism that stabilizes your system and helps your turn your food into energy, faster.

Psst - you’ll definitely be able to wear that dress you’ve been keeping at the back of your closet with the tags still on it confidently and happily to your big date. Order your skinny tea today!


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