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Teatox Diet Plan

Teatox diet Plan| Skinny Time Tea

What is a Teatox Diet Plan?

Quite simply, a teatox diet plan involves drinking a carefully blended detox tea which helps you to detox the body. Drink this throughout the day and add health promoting and cleansing foods and you have a teatox diet. The term teatox is created by combining the two words- tea and detox.

 Why Follow a Teatox Diet?

Following a teatox diet is important for optimal health because our bodies are constantly overloaded with toxicity from our everyday lives. While most people can't avoid day to day pollutants altogether, they can take steps to protect and cleanse their bodies by following a teatox diet on a regular basis.

As pollutants find their way, from our air, into the tissues of our bodies, they tend to take a heavy toll and can interfere with the normal functions of our organs. Pollutants and toxicity can also come from the foods we consume and drink, especially packaged foods high in chemicals, sugars and saturated fats. As a result, we are often left feeling bloated, tired, depressed or even sick.

Teatox Diet Plan | Skinny Time Tea

teatox, diet works because it gives your body a rest from having to deal with these refined processed meals and junk food snacks that are difficult to digest and metabolise, not to mention rob your body of nutrients and vital health. A detox by definition, is defined as - removing the foods and ingredients that are causing problems with your health. By removing these unhealthy foods, you allow your body time to release built-up toxicity and heal.

You can also free up energy for regeneration and cleansing of your body systems by incorporating a natural teatox, such as Skinny Time Tea into your routine. By drinking this teatox a few times a day and along with your detox diet you will be making a huge jumpstart towards better health.

Teatox Diet | Skinny Time Tea

What do you eat on a teatox diet plan?

Unlike what most people assume, a teatox diet doesn't have to be restrictive but it must include only health promoting foods such as seasonal fruits and a variety of fresh vegetables, especially the green leafy type. The fresher and more visually appealing the foods look and tastes, the more likely you are to follow the program. Add in lean proteins such as turkey, chicken and fish and include some fresh water. Also, three times a day, remember to drink your teatox tea. There you have it-the perfect teatox diet plan which will revitalise your body and help you feel great!

One of the best detox teas to include in your teatox diet is Skinny Time Tea. This natural teatox contains premium ingredients which clean out the liver and the kidneys, flushing out all of the toxins. Skinny Time Tea detox also contains Green Tea and Garcinia Cambogia-two very powerful and potent fat burning substances that also increase metabolism, energy and suppress the appetite.

So, what are you waiting for? Start your teatox diet plan today and you will thank yourself tomorrow!

Skinny Time Tea xx



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