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Feel like your metabolism is a bit slow these days? Trying to find ways to increase your metabolism? Well, these 6 easy tips might help you to boost your metabolism and allow you to burn a few more extra calories throughout the day-helping you lose fat.

1. Drink Green Tea

Green Tea has many great health benefits; in particular, it contains an antioxidant called Catechin. Studies show a small decrease in insulin levels with the ingestion of green tea. Insulin, for those of you who don’t know is our fat storing hormone. So by lowering insulin levels, we are on the path for less fat storing and more weight loss. Green tea also contains natural caffeine. Together, they can raise resting metabolism by five percent which equates to approximately 85 calories a day. Try drinking Skinny Time Tea a potent skinny tea which not only contains Green Tea but other great metabolism boosting ingredients to help fight fat.

2. Exercise 

Perform high intensity, quick bursts of exercise before a meal such as jumping jacks, push ups and sit-ups ect. Cycling these exercises in a routine of 20-30 reps and 3-4 sets just before every meal can lead to an after burn of up to 200 calories throughout the day. Adding lean muscle will help increase the metabolism and help the body burn more fat.

3. Add lean protein to meals

Protein is a dense food requiring more energy for the body to digest and break down, which in turns burns up extra calories. Another benefit is it keeps you fuller and satisfied for longer keeping snacking in between meals at bay. 

4. Consume fruit and vegetables with every meal

High fibre fruit and vegetables are a great way to increase your sluggish metabolism. Their high-fibre content requires more energy to digest, therefore increasing calorie expenditure. Not only are fruits and vegetables healthy and make you and feel great, they will also give you an edge in metabolism-boosting benefits.

5. Spicy Foods

Spicy foods contain special chemicals that can increase your metabolic rate. Studies show that eating spicy dishes can give your metabolic rate a slight eight per cent increase. Can you imagine the edge regulated, daily consumption can do for your metabolic rate!

6. Relax

Stress increases a hormone called Cortisol which can stop us from burning fat. So, no matter how hard we try, if our levels are high there will be no weight loss. Cortisol can also lead us to desire higher carb foods and increase snacking. Rest and sleep is essential. Take care to not over exercise as this may cause your body to release too much Cortisol. Incorporate rest periods throughout the day and take a 5 minutes relaxing walks.

 Start boosting your metabolism with a healthy detox tea today.

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