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With so many weight loss teas on the market, it’s difficult to know which is the best teatox that will support your efforts in losing weight. We firmly believe that Skinny Time Tea is the best detox tea for weight loss in Australia. The term teatox is a term used to describe a combination of a tea and a detox.

Most detox cleanses contain chemicals and laxatives that are potentially harmful to your body and won’t really be of any use in the detoxing phase of your weight loss plan. It’s important to choose a teatox that is all-natural and laxative free such as Skinny Time Tea. This skinny teatox helps cleanse the body, boosts the metabolism and suppresses the appetite. Check out how a skinny detox diet can improve your health and lifestyle.

Reason #1. To increase your energy

Toxins wear down our energy and zap us of vital nutrients. A detox helps remove these impurities and boosts our energy levels!

Reason #2. For clearer skin and a healthier appearance.

Low energy levels leave us looking and feeling exhausted. By detoxing, you push poisons out through the skin and replenish natural oils.

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Reason #3. To enhance your exercise plan.

A cleanse which contains Green Tea, such as Skinny Time Tea, can actually contribute to your exercise plan by improving your mental clarity. When you think more clearly, you can make better decisions and gain more motivation to work out.

Reason #4. To lose more weight!

Of course, the most important reason why you should consider a detox is to slim down and be healthier. By using a weight loss tea to detox, you can naturally cleanse your body and burn fat while restoring your health. Try enhancing the potency of the green tea in our teatox skinny detox by adding some freshly squeezed lemon-Green tea with lemon for a refreshing start to your day.

Reason #5. Best Detox Cleanse!

What are you waiting for? Kick-start your weight loss skinny teatox today. Free delivery Australia wide!


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