Colon Cleansing and Natural Detox

Toxins can accumulate in our colon through what we drink, eat, touch and breathe and can impact our bodies in a negative way. Over time, we start experiencing ailments, diseases and/or pains. As the colon is a body organ that links with other vital organs such as the liver and the stomach, it is therefore very important to take care of it. Taking care of the colon means that those other connecting organs are also rebalanced and indirectly also helped out too.

Why should you cleanse your colon?

You may be wondering why it is necessary to clean out your colon. The main aim of getting the colon cleansed up is to get rid of any toxic wastes and toxins that line and are stuck on the walls of the colon. When the wastes are eliminated, the vitality of the body is enhanced. You start to feel good!

It doesn’t end there, cleansing the colon could help improve the immune system and mental outlook. It might also help reduce the risk of developing colon cancer and helps with weight loss. If you are wondering how to get rid of tummy bloat, cleansing your colon would help with that too!

Flat Tummy-Skinny Time Tea

Who can benefit from a natural clean up of the colon?

Okay, this might sound confusing considering the fact that you cannot peep into your colon to know if wastes are stuck in there; you can’t see the toxin build-up either. “So how do I know when my colon is due for cleansing?”, you might ask.

When there is a build-up of toxic materials in your colon, stomach or liver, it presents with signs or symptoms such as: diarrhea, slow digestion, constipation, bloat, headaches, lack of vitality, lack of concentration, fatigue, insomnia, gas, depression, bad circulation, skin problems, respiratory issues, allergies, arthritis, food intolerances, weight gain or inability to lose weight. So if you suffer from any of these symptoms you might benefit from using a colon cleanse.

How do you clean up your colon?

There are two major ways to get your colon cleansed:

  • Colon hydrotherapy: This procedure of cleansing the colon is also known as colonic cleansing and involves a medical practitioner, a tube, and lots and lots of water if you get my drift! Sometimes, other substances, such as coffee or herbs are used alongside with the H20 and are flushed through the colon.
  • Colon cleanse tea: This is a safe, easy and less costly way of cleansing your colon. With a cleanse detox you only have to drink the tea for a certain amount of time! With the first option, you might be spending no less than $500 per visit but by opting for the colon tea, you get the same effective result at a much lesser cost. Another positive is that you can cleanse your colon within the confines of your home so no one needs to be peeking into your behind!

Using a colon cleanse tea offers one of the best and most effective strategies on how to get rid of of bloating and toxins.

Cleansing Tea-Skinny Time Tea

Benefits of a colon cleanup using a detox tea

As you know, toxins are dangerous to your health and the worst part is, if you don’t get rid of them, they can get stuck in your gastrointestinal tract for years preventing you from feeling and looking your best.

So, what can a cleansing tea do for you?

  • improve your immune system
  • increase your energy levels
  • give you a glowing skin complexion
  • enhancing natural bowel movement
  • reduce bloating
  • help with weight lose

Faster weight loss result

You may know of some friends, colleagues, or family members that even after exercising, dieting and making healthy lifestyle choices, still don’t get to lose weight or do so at a snail pace? The reason is that they have failed to tackle their primary issue-their colon!

One of the benefits of colon cleansing that cannot be overemphasized is that it can cause rapid and natural weight loss. The waste stuck in the gastrointestinal tract can prevent you from losing tummy fat especially. The good news is that the toxins can be easily be eliminated with an effective cleanse tea, whilst also following a healthy and clean diet. The combination of the two can bring about really great results!

For a real jumpstart to colon cleansing, consider our colon cleanse tea to get you on the path to health and vitality!



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