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Weight Loss Tips  | Skinny Time Tea

Weight Loss Tea

The weight loss journey may sometimes seem like a long hard road. But that’s only because you may be focusing on the end result, often failing to pay close attention to the little things that might help you along the way. Below are some powerful tips that can help you lose weight and give you a a head start on your weight loss journey. Simple habits like drinking a weight loss tea like Skinny Time Tea or staying well hydrated with water or sleeping earlier can play a vital role in helping you lose weight.

Better yet, when we combine these easy weight loss tips together, we get a powerful push in the right direction that can help us lose those thigh hugging kilos quicker than we expect.

weight loss tips | skinny time tea


Remember: little changes can make a huge difference! Make at least five of these easy modifications to your lifestyle and you could well be on your way to losing fat- fast!

Drink your water

Drink lots of water! Don't like water or find it hard to drink it? No problems-reach for zero calorie Skinny Time Tea instead. Our skinny tea tastes great and contains carefully blended ingredients that help suppress cravings and halt the appetite. 

Easy tips for weight loss | Skinny Time Tea

Lots of our customers have achieved great results with the help of our skinny tea. Drinking extra H20 along with Skinny Time Tea will help you feel full and hydrated. Remember: if you are feeling thirsty, you are most likely already dehydrated.

Exercise whenever you can

Try fitting in some quick exercises whenever you can. If you think about it you can usually fit in some sit-ups during television commercials or do squats while you’re waiting for the kettle to boil! Prize yourself on finding these special moments to fit something in. Our favourite here at Skinny Time Tea headquarters is doing calf raises whilst having a shower. You’ll soon become toned and burn up lots of calories over time.

Reduce your portions

Downsize your regular food size by 25 percent. Reducing your portion size by this amount will go unnoticed by your stomach and quickly add up to a huge calorie deficit over time leading to weight loss.

Weight training

Weight training increases the muscle in your body which in turn helps to accelerate fat burning even whilst you are at rest-increasing weight loss. It also speeds up your metabolic rate giving you more advantage than cardio workouts.

Don’t eat out if you can help it

Prepare your meals at home and avoid eating out. Meals eaten out have way more calories than expected and soon add up. Eating an extra 120 calories a day more than your body requires quickly adds up to extra kilos on your hips. Get control over your portion size and add healthy ingredients with each meal. Not only will you feel better, you will look good too!

Eats your greens and fruit

If you just can’t help yourself and are wanting to tuck into a high calorie meal or snack, promise yourself that you will eat some healthy green veg such as broccoli or cooked zucchini veg first.

Easy tips for weight loss | Skinny Time Tea

Finish off your meal with some low glycemic and fibre rich fruit such as apples or oranges. Now you can indulge in your favourite ‘naughty’ meal such as pizza and chances are that you will end up consuming fewer calories than you would normally.  

So, don't forget... sip your cup of metabolism boosting skinny tea today and start kicking those calories by the curbside Tomorrow! Find out where to buy skinny tea by clicking  Skinny Time Tea.


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