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Green Tea Weight Loss | Skinny Time Tea

Green Tea and Weight Loss?

Wonder why green tea, which comes from the Camellia sinensis plant, has gained popularity as a product for fast weight loss lately? Well, each cup of green tea contains zero calories and can increase your metabolism and improve the body’s ability to burn for fat for energy more efficiently. So, does drinking green tea weight loss work to shed fat? The answer is YES!

Is there a green tea slimming effect? Studies suggest that polyphenols, found in green tea are causing this huge buzz in the weight loss word. These amazing polyphenols, known as flavanols or catechins are the reason for the increase in fat oxidation. This oxidation has been shown to reduce body fat over time. In layman's terms, catechins help to turn you into an effective fat-burning machine! They also help to regulate levels of insulin in the body over time. Insulin is the fat storing hormone. So we don't want high levels of insulin blocking our fat burning capabilities. 

Green Tea Weight Loss Benefits

More so, since green tea is also a natural diuretic, it is a perfect solution for solving fluid retention issues. Because of this, it has been shown that consuming green tea on a regular basis can sometimes reduce the level of body fat by around 20 percent. There are more advantages of drinking green tea for weight loss.

green tea and weight loss | Skinny Time Tea

The caffeine levels found in green tea also supports weight loss. Consuming green tea regularly makes weight loss easy because the caffeine content it contains performs as a stimulant that boosts exercise performance and increases fat burning whilst undertaking the activity. Best of all, green tea calories Are zero. This all points to lower body weight in the long term.

Does Green Tea Help You Lose Weight?

It really does not require a lot of green tea to start feeling the benefits. Most people notice improved results after drinking around three cups of green tea day over a period of time.

While the total amount of weight loss from drinking green tea is relatively modest, the actual weight that is lost tends to be tummy fat. Perfect! Who does not want a flatter stomach? Skinny Time Tea contains green tea as one its beneficial ingredients and it's perfect as a green tea detox. Why not get the health benefits of green tea along with the others in one of our most popular tea blends. Check out our green tea weight loss results!

Is drinking green tea good for weight loss | Skinny Time Tea

How Much Green Tea Should I Drink?

So many people ask "how many glasses of green tea to lose weight should I drink?" Gaining the benefits of green tea for weight loss all boils down to comprehending how to best consume it. University studies recommend drinking 2 to 3 cups a day, as each cup contains approximately 200 milligrams of catechins. How you brew it can also make a huge difference.

How to Drink Green Tea for Weight Loss

Does Green Tea Help you Lose Weight

Boiling water poured over the tea will damage the catechins, so for best results, bring the water to a boil, but let it cool down for around ten minutes before pouring it over the green tea.

Let the tea brew for a minute or so before pulling out the leaves. The brew time can be made longer or shorter depending on your taste.

You can drink green tea at any time you would normally reach out for a calorie-loaded drink. Research shows that swapping green tea for calorie-loaded drinks can lead to around half a kilo of weight loss per week. Green tea substitutes well for sugary sodas and sweetened coffee or tea. In this way, you will go a long way in reaching your weight loss goals by consuming less total calories throughout the day whilst enjoying increased energy levels, suppressed appetite, and a boosted metabolism. You could also try to make a green tea weight loss smoothie as another alternative for those who do not like the taste of green tea all that much.

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 Does green tea help you lose weight? Comment below with your results!


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