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Green Tea Detox Diet

Green Tea Detox Diet | Skinny Time Tea

What is the Green Tea Detox Diet?

Read on to find out what the Green Tea Detox Diet is all about and how drinking this super green beverage may support you in reaching your weight loss goals faster.

When beginning a green tea detox diet, it is super important to know what types of foods will support your detoxification process. The diet part of the plan is instrumental to the success of the overall detox.

There is no need to survive on eating just apples or lettuce for extended periods like some weight-loss or health fads out there. The best approach to your green tea detox diet is to just eat healthy in conjunction with drinking green tea. A green tea detox can have a much larger impact on your weight-loss goals! But if you want to supercharge your detox, try drinking Skinny Time Tea which contains green tea along with other high quality, weight loss and detox enhancing ingredients.

Is Green Tea Good for Weight Loss?

Goes green tea help with weight loss? A definite Yes! Green tea contains not only high measures of cancer-preventing agents called antioxidants but also fat burning properties that assist in accelerating your metabolism, giving you a jumpstart in getting you that learner and more slender body we all seek. Along with a healthier and whole food natural diet, a green tea detox can greatly support your weight-loss goals!


What Should I Eat on a Green Tea Detox Diet?

When doing a green tea detox, it is critical to eat lots of leafy green vegetables and healthy low glycaemic fruits - your eating plan should consist primarily of these foods as they are loaded up with macronutrients to fuel and revitalise your body.

Choose especially, fruits and vegetables with fresh, vibrant colours, such as dark, leafy greens-spinach or kale, and water based vegetables such as tomatoes, capsicums, or any type of berries as they are low in sugars and are filled with lots of other health-promoting benefits.

It is best to avoid white grains, instead opt for healthier and natural grains such as brown rice or quinoa. Additionally, consider adding fibre rich foods to your diet, such as any sort of beans.

Foods high in fibre will help clean out your digestive tract and remove the unwanted build-up of toxins and waste, further assisting with your detox. Also, limit your intake of red meats and instead opt for organic chicken if possible. Another good low-fat option is fresh white fish such as Basa. This is also high in protein which you still need whilst on a detox. I guess, it is not necessary to state the obvious but stay away from any processed or fat, sugar loaded food.  Alcohol is also a big no-no as it contains the exact toxins that your detox is trying to remove!

In combination with drinking green tea during a detox, eating of fresh, natural and healthy foods will maximise results, giving your body a great opportunity to reset itself. It is also a great idea to stick to this healthy eating plan long after you have finished your green tea detox diet, so you can maintain a healthier and leaner you!

Start your Green Tea Detox Diet Now!

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