Does Green Tea with Lemon Help You Lose Weight?

Lemon Water for Weight loss -Skinny Time Tea

Green tea is widely known for its health-promoting benefits but now it has a new supporter-Lemon! Everyone knows how green tea for weight loss is #1 but could green tea with lemon be even better for weight loss?

How Can Green Tea With Lemon Help With Weight Loss?

Studies are showing that lemon juice may be able to intensify the health benefits and effects of green tea when consumed together. Lemon made green tea more potent by letting the antioxidants found in the tea to linger in the system for longer, after simulated digestion. The health benefits of green tea with lemon are obvious. The findings show that just like best friends, green tea with lemon juice works wonderfully together and helps you lose weight.

Rich in catechins, these substances are the primary reason why green tea is said to deliver an abundance of health-supporting properties. The study showed that the amount of the catechins appeared to increase when green tea was combined with lemon juice or vitamin C. This combination means that there is a likelihood that any citrus can encourage enhanced absorption of catechins into the systems of the body.

Green Tea with Lemon-Skinny Time Tea

Catechins in green tea become unstable in environments that are non-acidic such as our intestines. Only 20 percent or less of catechins remain in our body after digestion. However, the green tea with lemon combination amplified the catechin effect by more than 80 percent. The study highlights that citrus juice stabilises the effects on the catechins and stops them from being dissipated in the intestines. 

At this stage the findings are preliminary, but it opens the path for further research.

Green Tea Weight Loss

What does green tea do? Studies published by the Harvard Health Publications say there are positive links with cancer prevention and heart disease and drinking green tea. In fact, according to a 2013 publication by “The Journal of Medicinal Food,” green tea also helps in shedding extra calories due to its catechins. A weight loss program was held, and the participants who consumed about 4-6 cups of green tea daily for about 5 weeks noticed an improved RMR “resting metabolic rate,” and significantly shed a lot of body fat. Green tea also increases fat burning during exercise. So, brew a cup of green tea on a daily basis to enjoy some perks of green tea weight loss!

Green Tea Weight Loss - Skinny Time Tea


Lemon juice, on the other hand, provides a lot of nutrients, like flavonoids, carotenes, vitamin-A, vitamin-C, and phenolic antioxidants. Even traditional medical practitioners and renowned herbalists recommend citrus as an antibacterial agent for sore throat. It also works to remove blackheads, as a skin brightener and an even greater hair lightener for summer-ready streaks. Lemons can also be used as a remedy for inflamed gums or gingivitis. Best of all it has zero calories, so get drinking!

How Can Skinny Time Tea help the Green Tea and Lemon Weight Loss Process?

  • Boil water and steep one teaspoon of Skinny Time Tea in the cup.
  • Add 1/4 of a freshly squeezed lemon juice into the cup
  • Enjoy your warm or cold.
  • Consume at night or day.

Green tea/lemon and ginger combination can also support fat loss. Adding lemon and ginger to your cup of green tea can enhance the natural benefits that green tea has to offer. Quite simply, just bring water to a boil and steep for 3-5 minutes before pulling out the leaves. Add the juice from a lemon and infuse the Skinny Time Tea blend with a teaspoon of grated ginger. Further, steep for a few extra minutes to taste and enjoy! 

    Skinny Time Tea contains green tea amongst other health-promoting benefits that will help you lower body fat levels when combined with a healthy diet and regular exercise. Skinny Time Tea is a potent fat-burning detox program that speeds the rate of metabolism, naturally detoxifies the body and of course suppresses hunger. 

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