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It’s 2019 – Who’s Made a Skinny Tea Resolution?

Skinny Tea 2019 Skinny Time Tea detox 

It’s a brand-new year, and most of us are starting out with a resolution to lose a little weight. But if you’re serious about changing your health for the long term, then a weight loss tea like our Skinny Time Tea could add the perfect boost to your diet, and support your goals.

We won’t promise it will give you a beach-ready body overnight, but unlike regular diet supplements, weight loss tea makes positive lifestyle changes easier – and that sets you up for a whole lifetime of good health... Here’s how:

- Most diets wear you down and leave you feeling like the walking dead!

- But skinny tea peps you up and leaves you ready for your next workout!

- Most diets starve you and make you crave your next hit of sugar!

- But skinny tea contains natural appetite suppressants, so you can choose foods with your head – not your stomach!

- Most diets turn your metabolism down to sloooow – making weight loss harder to maintain.

- But skinny tea revs-up your resting metabolic rate – and that equals zero-effort calorie burning! 

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Detox Tea Skinny Time Tea

So, Skinny Tea’s More Than Just a Fad – Right?

Yes! Health-conscious people all around the world are discovering that weight loss tea belongs as part of their diet – not just for a month or two, but for the long term. That’s because everything about it sets you up for better lifelong health.

Skinny Time Tea doesn’t just flush toxins from your body (that’s the famous ‘teatox’ effect in action), but it also loads you full of natural goodies, like antioxidants, that work deep inside your body, protecting your cells from free-radicals, fighting aging, and even preventing cancer sue to it's high content of Green tea.

How to Make Skinny Tea

weight loss tea australia | Skinny Time Tea

HOT - Simply pour slightly cooled boiling water over one teaspoon of our teatox skinny detox and allow it to steep for 3-5 minutes.

COLD - Follow steps for Hot brewed tea. Then, cool the tea and pour over ice and enjoy. Alternately, brew a Hot skinny tea and refrigerate overnight. Enjoy a refreshing thin tea first thing in the morning. 

DETOX WATER - Why not try making some detox water for weight loss. Green tea with lemon in the morning is a great tasting and easy way to add a little flavour and bling, bling to bland boring water. Simply heat water to a boil, cool slightly and seep Skinny Time Tea for a couple of minutes before pulling out the loose leaves. Squeeze in half a lemon and infuse the delicious amd refreshing blend with a teaspoon of grated ginger. Seep for around fifteen minutes, then enjoy! 

Pure Tea Skinny Tea - Here’s to 2019!

Motivated yet? If so, then let’s kick-start a teatox right now, and drink to a lighter, healthier 2019!


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