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Skinny Time Tea Teatox

Everyday we get sent a lot of emails asking us about Skinny Time Tea Teatox.

What are the ingredients? How does it work? What should you be eating whilst on the detox? The most common questions however, are all about whether its ok to exercise whilst on the 14-day or 28-day Teatox… The answer is “absolutely”, but we want to expand on this a little further.

Firstly, let’s talk about our teatox. It’s a detox tea that works in a unique way. Unlike many other skinny teas on the market, our teatox does not contain laxatives that flush out essential nutrients from your system. Working out whilst using colon cleanses can put further strain on your body resulting in dangerous situations, even hospitalisation. We don't recommend exercising whilst using these cleanses for that reason.

Instead, the gentle ingredients in our detox, Skinny Time Tea work synegistically to help you safety detoxify, suppress your appetite and speed up the metabolism in an optimal and healthy way.

The aim of our Skinny tea is to help return your body back to well- being without draining your vitality. As a matter of fact, you should feel an increase in energy during our detox due to the natural caffeine in green tea, which is one of our active ingredients. 

Green tea has been shown in studies to increase natural fat burning and improve exercise performance, by acting as al metabolism booster. Research has shown that the caffeine found in green tea moves the fatty acids out from the fat tissue making it available to be used as energy .

Since our skinny tea gives you a lift in energy, the question about whether you can work out whilst detoxing on Skinny Time Tea, has been answered!

Skinny Time Tea Teatox

When using Skinny Time Tea Teatox, the correct workout can actually assist in the detoxification process and help you feel great. We suggest you follow a few recommendations:

    • Take It Easy: Whilst on your 14-day or 28-day Teatox, drop your regular intensity down a notch. Don’t undertake a high intensity interval training session or a 2 hour-long run. Your body is trying to boot- up, so be gentle and let it rest a little. Think more along the lines of walking or Pilates instead of Crossfit.
    • Eat Healthy: If you are going to maximise your Teatox experience and your workout, make sure you are eating right. Follow our Eating Plan and make sure you’re eating enough protein on the days you train.
    Working out can be a great addition to your Teatox and may even enhance the results. Just remember to listen to your body and follow its direction and your teatox will be a wonderful experience.


    Skinny Time Tea x


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