Skinny Tea: How to Get the Most Benefit

Without a doubt, Skinny tea offers several health benefits from detoxifying the body to assisting with weight loss. However, most people are often at a cross-road on how to get the most out of using a skinny teatox. Consequently, in this blog post will be answering some of the frequent questions regarding how to maximise the benefit of using the best skinny tea AustraliaSkinny Time Tea.

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How Many Times Should I Consume Skinny Tea?

To get the best out of a skinny tea, it is recommended to consume three cups or mugs of fresh weight loss tea on a daily basis. However, as for those who would like to drink this detox tea more than three times per day, you can save the tea bags or loose leaf tea for another round of use.

Skinny Time Tea is a premium detox tea Australia that can be brewed numerous times until the tea loses its tan colour. That being said, the greatest benefit will be experienced during the first use of the skinny teatox as it's detox tea ingredients are most potent then. Nevertheless, our skinny teas are of the highest quality with incredible flavour retention power. so if you would like to use a teabag or detoxifying loose leaf tea for another round, add 2 or 3 minutes to the brewing time.

We recommend you still drinking the full 3 cups or mugs three times a day of detox tea skinny though, but by reusing the loose leaf tea or tea bags to continue to enjoy drinking skinny detox tea throughout your day.

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What is the Best Period to Drink Skinny Tea?

Ideally, we advise people to drink a cup or mug of Skinny Tea prior to breakfast to get the digestive system up and running, then, drink another single cup after lunch and before resuming to work as well as one mug after dinner – you may need to consume your thin tea earlier if your body does react to caffeine. Another option is to drink your slim Tea between one meal to another. This method is particularly useful for preventing snacking during work hours.

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Brewing the Perfect Skinny Teatox: How Do I Do It?

In this case, patience is of an essence. Put aside that urge to quickly make and consume a mug of skinny teatox. Instead, pour a heaped teaspoon of skinny tea or teabag in slightly cooled boiled water. Allow the tea to brew for five minutes, during which time the loose leaves would have risen to the top making it ready to consume. Remember to squeeze your teabag firmly after using it. You can also use a thin tea strainer or tea infuser if you are using a loose-leaf teatox tea to help with this. In this way, you will be getting the maximum tea brew as well as the optimum benefits that come with every cup of your detox tea.

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What Other Things Should I Do to Get the Most From My Skinny Tea?

Take note, that while doing a weight loss detox program, you shouldn’t overlook a healthy diet either. We do not advise anything drastic.; all you need do is to stick to a healthy, balanced diet with lots of fresh fruits and vegetables. Save the occasional treat for the weekend only. Also, we encourage people to exercise frequently. You can read our other detox skinny blogs to get ideas about some useful exercise tips to engage in or visit our skinny tea reviews. Start today and benefit from the best weight loss tea Australia has to offer. 

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