How to Teatox …and Stay Motivated

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How Skinny Time Teatox Can Help you Stay Motivated for Weightloss

The Skinny Time Tea program is straight forward to follow and requires minimum effort to do, however, there may be times you need a little extra support to help you stay on track during your teatox.

We all know that everyday temptations, busy lifestyles and peer group pressure affect how we feel and motivation to stay on your teatox cleanse can wain when faced with all these factors. And although teatoxing requires little commitment, there is always a possibility that you might fall off your weight loss journey.

So, if you’re concerned you won’t be able to last the entire length of your teatox, then read through our tips to help you stay determined and to get the most benefits out of your teatox program.

The following tips below will help you to fly through your 28 day teatox tea while you detox. You can also use to do a quick 14 day teatox if you prefer.

besties value teatox ultimate | Skinny Time Tea

Besties value teatox

Grab a college, friend or family member and do a teatox skinny– together!

Doing it with someone can give you the extra support and encouragement. There is nothing like accountability to help you to stay on tract and keep going. You can monitor your progress and compare notes.

We have created our 28 Day Ultimate Teatox (2 x 28 Day Teatox Value Pack) for friends who want to detox tea skinny together and enjoy great savings.

Skinny Teatox | Skinny Time Tea

Recognise your achievements and progress during you teatox tea journey

Instead of totally focussing entirely on your weight loss, concentrate on your teatox eating plan, consumming healthier whole foods and getting in some regular exercise. Be proud of the positive choices you are making and recognise that you are on your way to being fitter and healthier. Acknowledge yourself for that!

Measure your waist, thighs and arms and hop on the scales once a week during your 28-Day teatox. The attention and focus should be on to the positive changes happening to your body.

Give yourself small achievable goals and when you have reached a milestone, treat yourself. For example, if you’ve teatoxed for a week, schedule a massage or beauty treatment at a salon! Celebrate the healthy choices you’re making.

My skinny tea

 My skinny tea journey shared on social media

Another way to help you stay on track and be accountable is to use social media. Lots of people are sharing their weight loss journey with their friends and public. Share your skinny tea experience on Facebook, Instagram or twitter ect and be motivated by the positive Reponses you get back. Messages of encouragement like “You look great!” and “Well done!” can really boost your self-esteem.

Ps: We too would like to be part of your weight loss journey! Follow us on and share your progress or a teatox review with us.

28 Day Teatox

Give yourself a cheat meal break from your 28 day or 14 day teatox

It is perfectly ok to have an occasional treat during your teatox, however, do it smartly. Choose something thing you really crave, whether it’s chocolate or ice cream and have it once a week but don’t give yourself permission to turn a cheat meal into a whole days’ worth of eating or a week of overindulgence! Start back on your teatox eating plan asap!

Get started today!

Let us know your tips on how you stay motivated during your Skinny Time Tea-the best teatox Australia has to offer!

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