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 Skinny Time Tea-Ways to Get More H20 Into You


We all know how bland water can be. It can sometimes be really hard to drink the recommended 1-2 litres per day. However, water is essential for your body, even more so when you doing a detox. Read on to find out some clever ways to help you get more H2O into your body throughout the day. 

Working Out

Carry a light water bottle with you during your workout. Take constant sips every few minutes to help keep you hydrated. Downing water during exercise helps keep the body burning fat more effectively and assists the body to eliminate toxins. Consider also sipping a skinny detox tea  pre and post exercise, which not only gives your metabolism a boost but is another great way to get more H2O into you.

Infused water

Why not cut up some yummy, healthy fruit and add it to your bottled water. Try popping in some strawberries, mint or orange slices or experiment with your own choice. Let the concoction rest for a few hours in the fridge so the taste of the fruit gets infused. The general notion behind infused water is that it helps to flush your body of toxins quicker than plain old H20. Drink up and enjoy! 

 Big Night Out

If you are planning a night out on the town make sure you guzzle ample amounts of water to help counteract the effects of the alcohol which is very dehydrating for the body. Try alternating one glass of water for every alcoholic beverage you drink. You will drink less and feel much better in the morning.

Herbal Teas

Probably the easiest way to add more water to your life is with the help of a cup of nice tasting herbal tea. Try drinking a cup of healthy, laxative free Skinny Time Tea which is a detox tea packed with metabolism boosting herbs and antioxidants which may help you lose a few kilos along the way.

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