Are You Accidentally Sabotaging Your Weight Loss?

This is really one of those weight loss tips you should not ignore! 

You've probably heard numerous times that it's better for you to eat lots of smaller meals, spread throughout the day, than to starve yourself all day only to"gorge" on dinner. But have you ever considered why?

Well here is the reason. Your body can only metabolise approx. 350 calories per meal (depending on body size). Eat more than this at one sitting, and you are more than likely overburdening your digestive system. If your body isn’t able to use all the "energy" you supply it with at that given moment, it will then begin to fill up your glycogen stores which are like small holding tanks of sugar. Once these “tanks” are filled, you begin to store the surplus calories as body fat.

Your body thinks, through many thousands of years of experience, that there will be a time when it will need to tap into those fat reserves for fuel-“lean times”. But, as you know, we wont be facing any lean times soon with fast foods at every corner. Taking this into consideration, if we are to keep our weight from swirling out of control, we must, consciously limit the amounts of food, as well as the KINDS of food we eat. Adding a detox tea, such as Skinny Time Tea, may also help. 


So, how do we use this information to help us lose some weight? Simple! Eat light, but eat often. Spread your daily calories over 5-6 meals a day (3 meals and 2 snacks). There are many benefits to this strategy.  Firstly, you are only providing your body what it needs, when it needs it. Secondly, you are able to maintain a stable blood sugar level throughout the day so that you're not left feeling tired, irritable and hungry. Thirdly, drink a weight loss tea!

By making wise and healthy choices, you will see the 350 calorie threshold CAN be sustainable and filling. Make poor choices, however, and you'll be left feeling unsatisfied. So choose healthy fruits & vegetables and lower your intake of breads & cereals (these calories add up fast). Also, when including meat in the diet, choose ONLY lean fish chicken and include limited, but good healthy fats such as avocado, olive oil ect.

This tip is so undeniably simple but, if practiced consistently, it will help you reach your weight loss goals sooner. Be sure include a weight loss tea and see if it makes it easier to put this tip into practice!

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