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Are you experiencing food cravings all the time? Unfortunately, they seem to be an unavoidable part of life right? Cravings are an ongoing battle of self-control, driven to test you every day, but whatever your strong food desire involves, you are most definitely not alone!

Perhaps a little voice inside your head begins to scream out 'chocolate!, chocolate!' come 8 pm, or you long for a huge plate of creamy ice cream, or perhaps some of salty chips… To help keep your snacking on track, we've gathered together probably the most commonplace cravings, and the scientific reason why you may be experiencing them. Whatever you're craving, it could be your body's way of letting you know that you are missing out on valuable nutrients. Let’s look at how you can decode your cravings. 


Carbohydrates are known as a great comfort food, particularly when you’re feeling down. Are you constantly yearning for bread? You may be low in nitrogen. Try dropping some carbs and replace them with more protein-rich foods like fish, nuts, cheese and eggs instead. These foods may just hit the right spot.

Salty Foods

Salty treats might be tasty, but there are healthier options. Crunching through a bag of chips might relieve your salt craving, but it will also leave you dehydrated and bloated. The reason for this craving may be due to a deficiency in chloride or silicone. Try fatty fish and goats milk to replace the chloride, and cashew nuts and seeds for a silicone boost.


A desire for ice may indicate that your iron levels are low. Munching away on ice may seem harmless, but it could indicate anemia. Make sure you’re receiving enough iron from foods such as meat, fish, poultry, black cherries and greens. Visit your doctor for a blood test if you are feeling constantly tired or can’t seem kick the craving for ice. 


If chocolate is your downfall, magnesium may be what you are deficient in. This mineral has many benefits such as relaxing the central nervous system to strengthening your hair. To get a magnesium hit minus the calories and sugar, swap your chocolate bar for a handful of raw seeds, nuts and leafy greens. 


The sugar addiction can be a really hard one to break. A sugar craving can be an indication of low levels of the trace mineral chromium. For certain, the sweet snacks will give you an instant energy boost, but it’s a very unhealthy and temporary answer. Instead, reach out for some grapes, broccoli, chicken and cheese to keep the desire for sugar at bay.


Craving coffee may be a sign of burning the midnight oil… or perhaps an iron deficiency.

Its kind of strange that a craving for coffee could be a result of an iron deficiency, but when your levels of iron are low and you feel tired and blah, the thought of caffeine can be really appealing. To ensure you are getting enough iron, especially when you are on your period, replace your second cup of coffee with an antioxidant-rich green tea and then add some meat, chicken, nuts and seeds to your diet.

So if you are eating healthy and keeping your energy levels up with Skinny Time Tea but still experiencing cravings, then it’s entirely ok to treat yourself… but just remember, everything in moderation! 

What type of food cravings you are battling with? Let us know in the comments below.


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