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More and more people are looking for ways to detox and slim their bodies with a skinny tea that is natural, easy to prepare and use. If you want a healthy way to start a detox tea diet or a teatox, then Skinny Time Tea detox is for you!

Tea Detox Benefits

The carefully formulated herbal ingredients found in our Skinny Tea Detox have been used for centuries and are well known for:

  • promoting well being
  • fat burning through its thermogenic properties
  • boosting your weight loss
  • giving your metabolism the kick-start it needs
  • acting as a natural appetite suppressant so you won't feel as hungry and therefore you will avoid snacking between meals
  • increasing energy levels so you get more done during the day
  • cleansing the digestive system
  • eliminating toxins and harmful wastes from the body

Our skinny tea blend incorporates powerful combination of fat burning and metabolism boosting herbs such as Garcinia Cambogia, Green Tea, Puerh Tea amongst others.

Garcinia Cambogia

Garcinia Cambogia contains an active ingredient called hydroxycitric acid (HCA) which is said to aid in inhibiting Citrate Lyase, an important enzyme the body uses to create fat from excess carbohydrates. It has also been shown to cause the brain to produce serotonin which helps in suppressing appetite and cravings.

Puerh Tea

Victoria Beckham is reported to be a huge fan of Puerh tea and drinks it when she wants to drop a few kilos or maintain her current thin build. Puerh tea is a great fat burning weight loss product. It is recognised for its ability to help digest fat rich foods and speed up the metabolism.

Green Tea

Green Tea provides a number of powerful antioxidants that can support your body in lots of ways. It's abundant in a phytonutrient called epigallocatechin gallate, or EGCG, and this has the capacity to stimulate your body’s metabolism and boost weight loss.

Along with the caffeine that is found in Green Tea, EGCG works to stimulate the nervous system and encourage the release fat into the blood stream. This caused the body can use the fat as fuel more efficiently. The process of using fat as fuel is referred to as thermogenesis, and it increases the production of extra energy and the burning of body fat.

EGCG is shown to increases the hormone CCK, which is responsible for creating a sense of fullness, helping to suppress your appetite. This is important, because when we overeat, especially sugars, carbohydrates and fat, the excess is transformed into body fat. Green tea can counteract the threat of excess triglyceride (broken down sugar and fat) because it has a high amount of polyphenols. Polyphenols work to activate a certain enzyme in the body, and dissolve the excess triglyceride. This means that body fat will be reduced if you are drinking green tea on a regular basis. Green tea for weight loss. Perfect!


    Getting started on the all-natural teatox detox diet plan with Skinny Time Tea is easy. You have two different options to choose from: there's a 14 Day Detox and a 28 Day Detox, allowing you to wean yourself into the detox diet or to jump head first and start achieving your health and weight loss goals faster.

    Altering your lifestyle slightly by engaging in regular exercise, and adding more fruits and vegetables to your diet will boost the effects of Skinny Time Tea. To aide you in this, we have provided you with a healthy 14 Day Skinny Tea Detox diet plan created by a qualified personal trainer. Follow this detox diet plan step by step.You couldn't ask for a better-tasting tea and eating program that promotes a healthy lifestyle and helps you look good and feel great at the same time. 

    See our success stories transformation page for more amazing Skinny Time Tea weight loss photos.

    Start your skinny tea detox today!

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