Our Teas Are Different!

Colon Cleanse Tea

 Skinny Time Teas are awesome because of what we put in them just as much as what we leave out! Our teas are all gluten-free, vegan/keto friendly and dairy and soy-free! All ingredients are also 100% pure & preservative free!

Skinny Time Teas have nothing but the safest and the highest premium quality, natural ingredients in our blends.
Each ingredient has been carefully selected based on scientific studies and proven results. Our teas are a considerably healthier alternative to other calorie dense drinks, making them the perfect addition to your every day routine-the healthier lifestyle drinks that everyone loves!

 When you’re drinking a cup of our tea, rest assured that you are drinking an authentic tea that has been validated to ensure every sip is pure heaven!


Teatox Benefits

Skinny Time Tea's Teatox is a delicious and refreshing Laxative Free blend. 

Containing fat burning ingredients such a Garcinia Cambogia and antioxidant-rich Green Tea, will not only help your body increase the bodies detoxification process but also stimulate and enhance vitality and energy. This tea is perfect for that afternoon pick me up when you feel like snacking or need to refresh or do a workout. 

The carefully formulated herbal ingredients found in our Tea Detox have been used safely for centuries and are well known for:

  • Improving fat burning through thermogenisis
  • Accelerating metabolism
  • Acting as a natural appetite suppressant
  • Improving energy levels 
  • Detoxifying toxins and harmful wastes from the body
  • Providing Antioxidants & ECGC
  • Supporting weight management


Cleanse Tea Benefits

 Skinny Time Tea Cleanse is perfect for those wanting a detox that is gentle. This teas unique cleansing formula promotes a healthy digestion and helps the body get rid of that feeling of sluggishness while providing a much needed energy boost.

With every sip of our premium Cleanse Tea, harmful toxins are moved from your system.

Enhanced with stimulating ingredients such as Yerba Mate, not only does it help to suppress your appetite, but also reeves up your bodies metabolism boosting properties for that 'get up and go' feeling. Benefits include:

  • Detoxify and cleansing the body
  • Supporting weight management
  • Removing toxins from the body
  • Improving energy levels
  • Promoting digestive health
  • Increased energy
  • Reducing bloating