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I had slacked off from the gym and felt bloated and blah! Skinny Time Tea 28 day Teaox helped me get back to my goal weight fast. I couldn't be any happier. I felt energized and so light. I still drink it every 3 days or so, just to keep me on track. Love it!!


Thank you so so much Skinny Time Tea- I lost 4 Kg and feel awesome!!! Can't wait for my next teatox. Thanks 


Thanks Skinny Time Tea! I just finished the 14 day cleanse a few days ago and I'm so ecstatic with the way my tummy looks now, it has never been this flat!. I have continued eating healthily and exercising but just needed an extra boost. I will defiantly be buying your cleanse tea again!


I used Skinny Time Tea 28 Day Cleanse to help me with my fitness level and give me an edge to help with my motivation. The cleanse tea contains Yerba Mate which is a stimulant. The results were instant. The pics are two weeks apart.


I have been drinking Skinny Time Tea 28 Day Teatox and my cravings have almost gone. No cravings…no snacking! I’m down 3 kilos and feel great. Thanks heaps!


Started drinking Skinny Time Tea Colon Cleanse and I am feeling very cleansed internally. Loving the energy so far, not to mention how I now look!


This tea is definitely my favourite Cleanse Tea. I have more energy and less bloat. The Skinny Time Tea taste is nice too. I really feel that it is cleaning all the nasty toxins from my insides. My time for my skin to glow!


The first pic is 7 months after having my baby. I was struggling to get into shape. The second pic is 6 weeks after doing the 28 day teatox several times. I lost 6kg! This tea is really helping me so much and I will definitely be buying more. Thanks Skinny Time Tea for helping me get my old body back!


I wanted to change my lifestyle for the better and decided to give up junk food and smoking However, with that came ravaging cravings. I was able to sip my Skinny Time Tea Teatox whenever I felt the urge to smoke or snack on chocolate. Obviously it worked. I lost my smoking habit along with 4 kilos!


I have been very healthy whilst drinking my 28 day detox pack. I am so happy with how this tea is responding to my body. I have heaps more energy. I'm losing weight and my skin is looking brighter and clearer!


I was exercising to help me shed some fat of my tummy. I started using Skinny Time Tea detox and noticed the flab dropping of that little bit faster. Thanks guys!!


I was feeling bloated and tired all the time. I didn't have the energy to exercise. Skinny Time Tea Cleanse tea gave me a boost of energy to push myself at the gym. I'm feel internally cleansed, less bloated and now have heaps more energy!