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Skinny Time Tea Directions & Ingredients

Skinny Tea Instructions & Directions-SKINNY TIME TEA


Skinny Tea Directions

Skinny Time Tea works on detoxing your body while enhancing energy levels. The thermogenic active ingredients flush toxins out whilst kick-starting your metabolism, and help to minimise cravings for sweet or fatty foods.


Before Breakfast, Lunch and/or Dinner
Drink Skinny Time Tea 30 minutes before main meals. Infuse one tea bag with boiling water in the morning before breakfast and one tea bag at lunch or dinner, or both. You may also, refill the cup of tea with boiling water at other times throughout the day to extend the brew. Just follow these simple directions to a healthier and better looking you today!


Skinny Tea Ingredients:
Green tea, Puer tea, Garcinia cambogia, Lotus leaf, Jasmine flower, Flower of hyacinth dolichos.

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