Directions & Ingredients


Step 1: Drink one cup of Teatox every morning or 30 minutes before lunch. It's a delicious, laxative free and all-natural loose leaf tea that’s a stimulant and gives you a constant and steady supply of energy throughout the whole day. Because it is a loose leaf tea it is recommended that you use a loose leaf tea filter or a disposable tea bag filters that can be bought at most grocery stores or reputable tea/coffee or home wear shops. Once brewed, our Teatox can be enjoyed hot or cold.

Step 2: Drink one cup of Cleanse Tea every other morning. If you have purchase both the teatox and cleanse tea you can alternate between the two. This is a cleansing and detoxing tea and comes in loose leaf form. Our Cleanse Tea contains stimulants and provides a steady flow of energy throughout the day. Because it is a colon cleanse it flushes out your digestive tract of unwanted excess and toxins and reduces tummy bloat. Once brewed, our Cleanse tea can be enjoyed hot or cold.

Step 3: It is very important to combine exercise and healthy eating with your teatox & cleanse program. Everyone stay healthy. You are not going to get slimmer just by drinking tea, especially if your lifestyle is unhealthy. Eat your vegetables, fruits and avoid processed fatty foods, workout and enjoy life. 

Step 4: Tell a work colleague or friend about Skinny Time Tea :-)




Teatox Tea: Teatox Tea: Green tea, Puer tea, Garcinia cambogia, Lotus leaf, Jasmine flower, Flower of hyacinth dolichos.

Skinny Time Tea Teatox works on detoxing your body while enhancing energy levels-keeping you energised throughout the entire day. The thermogenic active ingredients are targeted to regulate fat storage, reduce cravings and fat-blast your adipose tissue whilst accelerating your metabolism. Perfect for whenever you want to curb junk food cravings.. This delicious blend will act as the most perfect pick-me-up in the middle of your day. 

Cleanse Tea: Senna Leaf, Green Tea, Goji Berries, Dandelion Root, Yerba Mate.

Skinny Time Tea Colon Cleanse Tea works on targeting three essential areas of your body; your colon, your liver and finally your adipose tissue. Intricately blended to eliminate bloating, waste and hazardous toxins from your colon whilst improving digestion and your blood circulation. Treat your body with the care it deserves from the inside out!